The Skirt by Nimble Mind

The Skirt by Nimble Mind


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A new move that enables you to perform miracles!

This DVD consists of 5 fabulous routines.

The effect resembles a leg in a slit skirt when a lady is walking. The face-up card would be the woman’s leg. The face-down cards surrounding it would be the skirt. Instantly the face-up card vanishes, leaving only the cards (or skirt) that were next to it.

The above vision is consistent with this project concept. That in itself is sexy. And that is why it is named The Skirt.

Many exciting effects are possible using this new move or principle. Vanishes, transpositions, and more. You’ll love performing them, and your audience will be swept away.


– How to Make a Gimmick
– The original main skill, ‘The Skirt
– Basic skills for routine demonstration
– The routines by using the skills


  • One card version
  • Two Jokers version
  • Different color version
  • Skirt Assembly
  • Skirt Unexpected

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