Cursed by Sandeep video (Download)

Cursed by Sandeep video (Download)


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Cursed is combination of two unbelievable effects using a bottle.

1) Cursed Bottle: Borrow a bottle and let your spectator examine it. Screw the cap on the bottle and ask the spectator hold it. On your command, the bottle will eerily begin to unscrew itself while the spectator is holding the cap.

2) Cursed Cap: Cause the cap of the bottle to unscrew itself on your command. You can even stop the movement if you wish.

– Spectator holds either the bottle or cap during the effect
– Everything is under your control
– Everything is examinable
– Easily constructible gimmick
– No Magnets, rubber bands or electronics

Download the video and learn how to perform this miracle of magic!


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